Physical therapy is a branch of rehabilitative medicine aimed at helping people restore or improve their original physical movement and ability. It involves using specifically designed equipment and exercises that assist in treating many orthopedic problems as well as recovering from the effects of an injury or surgery. The ultimate goal of physical therapy is to help people lead a healthy and pain-free life without any discomfort in performing daily activities like walking, climbing chairs, sitting or performing daily chores.

OrthoTexas, a renowned group of orthopedic surgeons and physical therapists in Plano, can help you achieve all your fitness goals through effective physical therapy. The rehabilitation specialists strive to maintain a balance between manual therapy and patient’s active participation to make recovery as easy as possible.

The physical therapists specialize in:

Sports Rehabilitation and General Orthopedics: It can be used to help patients recover from various orthopedic conditions and sports-related injuries of the musculoskeletal system. Besides healing, it also helps them regain the original functionality of the injured joint as well as strengthen the muscles to prevent the condition from relapsing.

Hand Therapy: It aims at relieving any kind of pain or discomfort in the hand and upper limbs. Hand therapy can be used to treat tendon injuries, Repetitive Motion Disorder, fractures, Tennis Elbow, Carpal Tunnel Syndrome, etc. The therapy helps to regain the full functionality of the hand and arm as well as minimize the risk of recurrence of the condition.

Custom Splinting: This is an important part of the physical therapy for orthopedic conditions of the upper extremity. Splinting is sometimes necessary to restrict the movement of the affected joint in order to expedite the healing process. Our physical therapists provide custom fabricated splints to the patients as well as prescribe exercises that can help to reduce pain and swelling.

Isokinetic Testing: This is a treatment option for patients who require a faster recovery from their injuries or disorders. It involves exercises providing adjustable resistance to a movement at a persistent speed, with the help of specialized equipment.

Worksteps Employment Testing: The physical therapists are experts in evaluating and assessing an individual’s physical capacities in relation to what kind of job he/she is required to perform. We specialize in ascertaining important job roles, pre-employment fitness and workplace conditions to safely get the injured employees back to work.

Functional Capacity Evaluations: It involves assessing an individual’s physical capacities in order to determine the level of physical activity that is right for him post-rehabilitation. It reduces the possibility of recurrent work-related injuries. For more details call 972-492-1334.