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“If you put your mind to anything you can accomplish a lot. “
Jun 20, 2019 | | Lewisville, TX
Client's rating: 5 of 5

I’ve been going to Orthotexas for over 4 years. I have seen many of the doctors here. I have been a patient of Dr. Myers for over 2 years I started seeing him because my knees would dislocate all the time in taekwondo. Eventually we decided to go through with knee surgery. I had both my knees operated on in 2017 less than 6 months apart. Ever since that I have been able to go back to taekwondo. I just recently test for my 3rd degree black belt in May of 2019 and in August I will be testing for my next instructor collar.

Love this group
Jun 17, 2019 | | Frisco, TX
Client's rating: 5 of 5

I had my surgery with Dr K, which was great. But it would have never been as good had it not been for the therapy ladies in Frisco and I wouldn't have kept going had it not been for them. From the the 1st evaluation with Anne to all of the appointments with Jenna, they were absolutely outstanding. I never had a bad experience through the whole 16 weeks. The front desk ladies with Sue and Erica were always pleasant to deal with and always explained everything. Mykel (spelling??) that helped with the sessions and was great to be around. I had Susan for a couple of appointments and she was never missed a beat during my sessions. Anne made sure I was comfortable with what was going on every step through the process. Jenna was my main therapist through most of the 16 weeks and she was beyond what I could expect. She always made sure I was comfortable, made sure my excercises were correct and never made me feel like I wasn't doing enough. Don't not go!!!! These ladies will help you get through whatever you need with smiles and laughs through every step!! I would give them 50 stars if I could!!!!

Dr Kouyoumjian ROCKS!!!!!!
Apr 6, 2019 | | Plano, TX
Client's rating: 5 of 5

Dr K. did my first knee replacement on 12/20/18 and looking forward to the other knee. I was mopping my 2000sq ft home on the 12/26/18. Hardwood and tile floors. My scar is beautiful, if you can say a scar is beautiful. Any time he inflicts pain, he makes me laugh. The staff are all first rate. Wish all Dr offices were this nice and easy to work with. I also see three other Drs their, and they are also awesome. And lets not forget the physical therapy ladies at Frisco. Thanks guys!!!!!!

Terry is great - he's good at what he does AND he cares!!
Jan 2, 2019 | | Lewisville/Castle Hills, TX
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I can't thank Terry enough for the help he gave me after surgery - he's a rare find in any business including health care - someone who is really good at their skill and who genuinely cares. Ortho-Texas should be proud to have him on their team, and patients can rest comfortably knowing he's there. Not being one who handles pain super well (okay an understatement maybe; I don't handle it well at all), and not the best at taking pain meds either (don't like to be slowed down), I came into the office tired/exhausted and in pain today and wanted to get my cast rechecked to see if it was rubbing on the incision. Terry's reassuring and caring nature put me at ease and his confident, calming, while having a take charge approach had me trust he would take care of me and do it well. I shared with him that I've only felt there was an angel caring for me 2x when I was sick, and Terry was one of them. Sometimes the work becomes more "a job" than "a job with true empathy and caring". Thank you, Terry, for helping me and the many others you truly care for day in and day out. It does make a difference. Ortho-Texas, you've got a great team member in Terry. Well done!!

Dr. Sethi is AWESOME!!!!!
Nov 30, 2018 | | Farmers Branch, TX
Client's rating: 5 of 5

I have had and lived through a lot of pain throughout my life. I am of the era where you just took it and don't complain. It had finally reached a point to where I needed help. Thank goodness I found Dr. Sethi. Dr. Sethi has helped me get my life back more than any doctor, it is the most awesome feeling to go in hurting and come out feeling great. She is excellent in diagnosing the sources of your plan and a game plan to deal with it. I felt I needed to not just let Dr. Sethi how thankful I am, but to let other people in back pain that they do not have to live like that, that there are non surgical answers, and that you can get your life back. Thank you Dr Sethi, Thank you for what you have done for me. Bob D

Dr Glogau sees patients on time. He listens and asks questions to decide most effective treatment.
Sep 17, 2018 | | Plano, TX
Client's rating: 5 of 5

Dr. Alexander Glogau (for years, an orthopedic doctor for Plano Senior High school, where our sons graduated): We have been patients of Dr. Glogau for years and highly recommend him. He has shown compassion and humor, along with excellent knowledge and skill when treating our various injuries. He has done rotator cuff surgery on each of Dennis' shoulders, and a knee replacement. He has done knee replacement both of my knees. Recovery, healing, and mobility have been outstanding. Thankfully, he believes in cold water therapy from the surgery room through the first week of recovery, as well as the constant motion machine for new knees. Both treatments really aided our recoveries. PT for my recent knee was provided by their therapists; all were friendly, caring, and encouraging. I recommend their therapy center as well.

Dr Glogau
Aug 28, 2018 | | Celina, TX
Client's rating: 5 of 5

16 years ago my husband ended up in ER at Plano Medical Center due to a horrific car wreck. His foot was partially severed and Dr. Glogau was on call that day. Thank God because he was able to save and reattach my husband ’s foot. Since then he has performed 2 shoulder surgeries on my husband and one shoulder surgery on me. He is a brilliant surgeon, professional but yet compassionate towards his patients. I would highly recommend him!!

Excellent Doctor for Knees
Jul 30, 2018 | | Frisco, TX
Client's rating: 5 of 5

My wife and I both enjoy working with Dr. Kouyoumjian. My wife has had both knees replaced with Dr. K. My wife says that he leaves beautiful scars. I just saw Dr. Kouyoumjian for myself this time. I have to have meniscus repair. I/we won't go to any other ortho doc. He is very caring and explains all possible scenarios. He takes his time with you answering every question. We have spoken highly of him in our community and have more and more neighbors now going to him too. The entire staff at the Frisco office is also wonderful.

Dr. Kouyoumijian is a thorough, caring, patient and thoroughly explained my injury and treatment.
Jul 18, 2018 | | Plano, TX
Client's rating: 5 of 5

I was referred to Dr. Kouyoumjian when I broke my knee. He is a kind and attentive doctor. He listened to me and thoroughly explained my injury and treatment. The Frisco/Baylor office is very nice, and the entire team is pleasant and helpful. Everyone I dealt with, from reception to physical therapy, was professional and friendly. I hope I don't have any additional injuries that would cause me to have to return but would gladly return if needed. I would highly recommend Dr, Kouyoumijian.

Excellent, Very Professional and Short Wait Times. GOOD People There.
Jul 18, 2018 | | dorchester, TX
Client's rating: 5 of 5

My injury was a workers comp injury. My broken leg was repaired using a metal plate and four screws by an excellent surgeon in Sherman, Texas. However, as it turned out I was allergic to the metal. Workers Comp would not agree to remove the metal despite four doctors and Dr. Desai at Ortho Texas diagnosis. However, due to Dr. Desai"s persistence and professionalism, he convinced Workers Comp to use the diagnosis of my personal Dermatologist and was then able to get approval for the surgery. The surgery went very well, and is healing at this time. Due to Dr. Desai I am now getting better every day. Workers Comp"s reluctance to do the surgery was because they do not have an allergist in this huge metropolitan area that will accept their insurance, and the bureaucrats there denied the claim initially, but Dr Desai persisted and for the first time since my accident I fell like I am going to get well. Thank you Dr. Desai.

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