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I’ve been going to Orthotexas for over 4 years. I have seen many of the doctors here. I have been a patient of Dr. Myers for over 2 years I started seeing him because my knees would dislocate all the time in taekwondo. Eventually we decided to go through with knee surgery. I had both my knees operated on in 2017 less than 6 months apart. Ever since that I have been able to go back to taekwondo. I just recently test for my 3rd degree black belt in May of 2019 and in August I will be testing for my next instructor collar.



I rarely do reviews but OrthoTexas and the team working with Dr. Fagelman deserve high praise and went above and beyond through the entire course of treatment for my Distal Radial Fracture (broken wrist – with three bones broken away from the top of the radius and broken away from the wrist). I also had an Ulnar Styloid Fracture which was not as severe which healed without surgery on its own. Was able to get in for 1st appointment very quickly where Terry replaced the temporary splint with a much better one which allowed more finger movement. He did all the casting each time and was superb at his job… Lisa who did the X-Rays as required was also excellent. The surgery at Baylor Scott and White in Frisco went very well… Loved the nurses and the anesthesiologist, Dr. Adcock. Dr Fagelman performed a perfect surgery with surgical steel and pins to hold the three broken bones together with the radius. Casts were replaced as needed and ultimately placed in a removeable cast and began physical therapy. The physical therapy unit is associated with the doctors’ office and this allows for better treatment. My physical therapist, Erin Smith, was extraordinary as well. She has so many exceptional skills and moved me along at a rapid and perfect pace… since I was doing the exercises at home as often as possible and this made for a quicker recovery. I was released earlier than expected but am going to continue to do the exercises to get my full movement and weight bearing abilities back. My recovery was a team effort and the team at OrthoTexas in Carrollton was key to my recovery… the final X-Ray shows a perfectly straight bone fully healed with the pins and steel in place also. It takes a dedicated team effort. Dr Fagelman was key because he is a caring and excellent surgeon who always answered all my questions and put me at ease from the beginning. I was afraid that it could not be fixed since it was a complicated break. The original estimate for healing was 4 to 6 months since I am 66 years old. But my bones were great and thus healed quickly. We all worked on the physical therapy at OrthoTexas with Erin Smith being the most amazing therapist for me and recommended what I could replicate at home on my own. I also took extra calcium/magnesium and D as they recommended and continued my other supplements. I began walking inside the house each hour immediately (a little each hour which helped me get better) and over time began walking outside at Erin’s suggestion to get back to where I was before… now that I am back to 4 miles and soon will be back to my 5 mile walks each day. I usually got approximately 15,000 to 20,000 steps a day before the break. I also give all credit to God for my healing and to my church, family, and friends for praying for healing. There is so much to be grateful for and my husband gets tons of credit too for stepping up. It will take time to get back to 100% with full ability to lift heavy weights and get 100% movement… but I can do most normal things again and am truly greatly to everyone who helped me. Thank you so much Dr. Fagelman, Erin Smith and all the doctors, nurses, and practitioners at OrthoTexas and Baylor Scott and White in Frisco who helped me get back to normal.


Dr. K. did my first knee replacement on 12/20/18 and looking forward to the other knee. I was mopping my 2000sq ft home on the 12/26/18. Hardwood and tile floors. My scar is beautiful, if you can say a scar is beautiful. Any time he inflicts pain, he makes me laugh. The staff is all first-rate. I wish all Doctor offices were this nice and easy to work with. I also see three other Drs there, and they are also awesome. And let’s not forget the physical therapy ladies at Frisco.