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Introducing TRIUMPH for Injured Workers

Workers’ Compensation can be challenging to navigate, whether you are an employer determining the right doctor to send your injured worker to, a case worker or adjuster sifting through reams of information on a single patient, or an employee trying to follow your company’s processes and procedures with recovering from an injury.

That’s Why We Designed Triumph

A New Program Dedicated to Providing:

Access to Treatment

We have a dedicated team of orthopedic physicians and staff specially trained in workers’ compensation ready to help. A physician will see an injured employee within 24-48 hours after receiveing authorization to treat the injury, and provide same-day follow-ups so you know exactly what the status of the patient is as soon as we do.


Our Triumph program commitment is to provide workers’ compensation administrators with the right information to return employees back to work quickly and safely. Our support team includes trained teams to assist you and ensure the documentation you need is provided accurately and within 24 hours of each patient visit.

Consistency of Care

Our Triumph Employer Profiles® are customized with your specific preferences, requirements, documentation and third party information. The seamlessness of our partnership will position us as an extension of your team. 

Top Orthopedic Doctors Providing Specialized Care for:

Hand & Wrist  Injuries   •    Elbow  Injuries   •   Shoulder  Injuries   •    Neck & Back  Injuries

   Hip Injuries   •    Knee  Injuries   •    Foot & Ankle Injuries


Our Commitment to Our Patients:

  • Highly Qualified Providers
  • Accurate Diagnosis
  • Timely Services
  • Quick Communication
  • Patient Education
  • Cost Effective Treatment
  • Conservative Treatment Plans

Our Commitment to Employers & Insurance Providers: 

  • Timely and Concise Communication Between All Parties Involved
  • Accurate Information
  • Up-to-Date Treatment Status
  • Prompt and Accurate Billing
  • Immediate Access to Medic.al Records
  • Office Visit Notes Available in 48-72 hours
  • On-site Full-time Workers’ Compensation Specialists
  • Reduce Lost Time on the Job Due to a Work-Related Injury

With highly qualified providers, multiple convenient locations, on-site imaging, and physical and occupational therapy centers, OrthoTexas is ready to serve your employees, case managers and adjusters.  Contact us today to learn more!

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