North Dallas

Request Medical Records

OrthoTexas Physicians and Surgeons respects the health information rights of its patients (and their applicable guardians/legal representatives, if any), including the right to access their protected health information.Release of (medical record and/or billing) Information (ROI) requests submitted to OrthoTexas are processed by the HealthMark Group.Patients can submit a request for records to HealthMark (online, email or fax):Submit to HealthMark online by registering an account on HealthMark’s website. Once registered, utilize the Submit Request option to complete an authorization, which allows you to send or receive a copy of the requested records in electronic form. Please note that HealthMark does not accept requests directly from non-patient third parties. HealthMark Customer Support Email: status@healthmark-group.com Phone: 800.659.4035 Fax: 800.833.5935