Back pain is a common issue and can occur to anyone regardless of their age or sex. Any trauma or fall can lead to backache which can worsen if not treated well. Here are some tips that will help you prevent low back pain and increase your back strength.

Avoid exerting and spraining your back: Often due to sudden lifting or pulling the back gets sprained and it is quite a painful condition. Therefore, to avoid spraining your back you should refrain from lifting anything heavy without any support. You should always slow down and do the tasks at a normal pace rather than hushing up and exerting your back.

Control your weight: Overweight people have a higher tendency to suffer from back pain and hurting their back. To prevent low back pain, it is crucial that you move your muscles and keep your joints active regularly. You should try to reduce your weight, especially around the stomach, as it will avoid the strain on your back.

Maintain good eating habits: To prevent back pain it is also essential that you eat right. By monitoring your diet, you can maintain a healthy weight and avoid unnecessary stress on your body. You should consume more fruits, vegetables, whole grains, dairy products and lean meat to keep your body healthy and the immunity strong.

Avoid sleeping on your back: If you frequently suffer from backache then you can try sleeping sideways rather than sleeping on your back. You should use supportive pillows and mattresses to keep yourself comfortable and your back in the right position. By having restful and a sound sleep you can promote wellness and good health of your body.

Correct your posture: Low back pain is common among people who work in offices and use computers for long hours. Continuously sitting in the wrong posture puts stress on the back and causes damage. It is important that you work on an ergonomically correct workstation, take short intervals and use correct posture. Maintaining the right posture will help you keep your back strong and prevent stress and sprains.

Avoid stress: Stress is one of the biggest causes of back pain as it causes tension in the muscles and leads to back ache. Thus, it is essential that you reduce the stress and choose some activities such as deep breathing, yoga and meditation to make your back strong. You should consider making the required lifestyle changes to try and prevent low back pain. However, if you still suffer from pain then you should immediately consult a spine doctor to have it properly diagnosed.