Participating in sports activities is a good way to stay active and physically strong. However, the time spent in the field also increases the risk of getting injured. Sportspersons are prone to injure the knees, shoulders, ligaments, muscles, suffer from concussions, fatigue or other soft tissue damages.

Listed below are some methods and tips to prevent such injuries:

  • It is important for the athlete to report any sense of discomfort, pain or persistent problem to a medical practitioner or the coach. Pushing through the pain and discomfort can lead to permanent damage to the body.
  • Athletes should develop a habit of warming up or stretching before every game. This prevents fatigue and injuries besides improving the performance of the player.
  • A proper cool down session (at least 10 minutes) after a game or physical activity is important in conditioning the body. It helps to soothe the stressed muscles and remove the toxins that accumulate due to intense use.
  • Athletes should play different types of games so that they do not stress one particular joint or part of the body.
  • It should be mandatory for the player to undergo a thorough physical examination before he or she is inducted in a sport. Any health related issues need to be addressed at the earliest to avoid further complications.
  • Athletes should take breaks in between the sport activity and sleep well to destress the body. This helps to prevent overuse injuries.
  • Drink lots of fluids and water to keep the body hydrated. This prevents muscle fatigue, nausea, fainting or heat strokes.
  • A balanced diet with lots of nutrition is equally important in building muscles and stamina. They should maintain ideal body weight as it does not allow the joints to be pressurized
  • Proper technique for any sport played should be mastered and followed to prevent injuries.
  • All the technical guidelines need to be followed by the players and taught by the trainers.
  • Use of proper shoes, protective gear (helmets, knee and shoulder ads, face guard) is important.
  • Regular stretching should be incorporated in daily routine to prevent muscle tightness and keep the joints flexible.
  • Food and beverages rich in sugar, caffeine and carbonated drinks need to be avoided.
  • Smoking and alcohol also affect performance and physical capability.
  • The duration and intensity of the play or physical exercise should be increased slowly keeping in mind the body’s capacity.
  • Maintain a good posture at all times.

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