Sports are a great way to maintain an active lifestyle and stay healthy. However if proper precautions and safety equipment is not used, sports can lead to various injuries. They are usually a result of overuse, not warming up or stretching before playing, improper training, flawed equipment or on-the-field accidents. Given here are some of the most common sports injuries that must be treated by an orthopedic doctor to prevent the condition from worsening:

Sprains And Strains: These are one of the most common injuries suffered by athletes. A tear or excessive stretching of the ligaments, that connect the bones in a joint, characterizes a sprain. It commonly occurs in the ankle or wrist and can range from minor to severe. On the other hand, a strain or a pulled muscle is a condition that causes the muscle or tendon fibers to overstretch. Shin

Splints: This condition causes pain along the shinbone and is usually seen in athletes who abruptly intensify or alter their workout regime. Runners, who follow improper techniques, do not stretch muscles or warm up, run on hard surfaces or wear shoes lacking proper support, are more likely to have Shin Splints.

Pulled Hamstring: Hamstring injuries can occur if the thigh muscles are stretched beyond their normal range of motion. This injury is usually caused while playing sports that demand a high degree of speed and agility such as basketball, soccer, skating, football etc. A pulled hamstring may vary greatly in severity, from a minor strain to a complete tear in the hamstring muscles.

Ligament Tears: These are also quite common while playing sports or during training sessions. Ligament tears are caused when a joint is bound to overstretch as a result of sudden twisting, bending or landing awkwardly from a jump. As a result of bearing a large part of body weight and stressful impacts during sports, ligaments in the ankle and knee joint are most prone to tears.

Dislocations: Joint dislocation occurs when a sudden force causes the bone to move out of its normal alignment. The common causes of this injury include falling, excessive stretching, a direct blow to the joint or accidents during contact sports like football or basketball. Dislocations are mostly seen in the hand and shoulder joint.

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