Most of the people spend a significant part of their day in offices sitting in front of their computers. The sedentary lifestyle coupled with long sitting hours can lead to a lot of health problems. Among them back pain is one of the most common health issues being encountered by people at work nowadays. If you too are experiencing discomfort in your back, you must consult an expert orthopedic doctor and get the requisite treatment. If you delay the treatment, the backache can get worse and interfere with your performance at office. Read on to know the different ways in which you can prevent back pain at work:

Your seating posture needs to be altered after some time at work so that your back does not face extreme pressure. In order to avoid pain, you must change your posture from time to time. A good posture is very important to prevent any injury to the back. Also, make sure that your work desk as well as computer screen is positioned correctly. The chair on which you sit and work must be stable in one position. Keep in mind that while sitting, your thighs should be positioned at right angles to your body. Keep your feet firmly on the floor or use the footrest according to what is comfortable for you.

Your back doctor can advise you more on the correct seating positions. Take short breaks in between your work to provide rest to your back. Just stand up and take a small walk around the office and your back will definitely feel better. Exercising regularly will make your back strong and you will be able to sit for long hours without any sort of problem. Also, make an effort to lose the extra flab on your body since being fat can put more pressure on your back.

When at work, do not lift any objects carelessly without paying attention to your posture. Keep the object close to your waist and keep your back as straight as possible. Do not twist your back or lean towards the sides as this can cause back pain. If you are dealing with heavy objects, do not pull them. Instead, pushing them is a better option.

Keeping all the above important pointers in mind will help you avoid back pain at work. Also, your back will become stronger as well as less prone to injuries.