Physical therapy is a rehabilitative program incorporating a combination of targeted exercises and specialized equipment to help patients regain flexibility and motion following a surgery or injury. Physical therapy can significantly improve the patients overall well-being and assist in healing, even if you suffered from a minor joint injury or a complex spinal orthopedic condition. It helps patients improve the joint’s range of motion and recover from various medical conditions. The physiotherapist will assess your joints’ ability to function while monitoring its strength, range of motion and flexibility. Based upon these, he will devise a specialized program keeping your health condition, activity levels and fitness goals in mind. He may also suggest using certain orthotic devices such as braces, canes, crutches or casts to promote faster healing. Read on to know some of the common orthopedic problems that may require physical therapy to heal:

Sports Injuries: These injuries may be a result of training accidents, incorrect warm up techniques, falls, on-field clashes and trauma. Such conditions need immediate medical care in order to prevent further damage to any other structures of the body. Physical therapy can ease the symptoms of the injury and help players safely return to the game. Stretching and strengthening exercises prescribed by a physical therapist may also reduce the occurrence of such sport injuries.

Post-Surgery Rehabilitation: People who have undergone a surgical procedure, specifically for the lower extremities, may also need to attend physical therapy sessions for a faster recovery. The muscle conditioning and strengthening exercises may be beneficial for a healthier recovery and attaining the original functionality of the joint that has been operated upon.

Chronic Pain: Most pains and aches may subside with rest and anti-inflammatory medications. However, chronic and persistent pain may be a sign of muscle stiffness or weakness that needs to be addressed by a physical therapist. They use special instruments and techniques to target the muscles that need to be restored.

Balance Or Mobility Issues: This is a common problem seen in people of all ages, mainly arising due to unstable joints or weak muscles. The physical therapists provide specialized gait training to help individuals improve their ability to stand as well as walk thus, preventing trips or falls.

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