Coccydynia is the inflammation of the tail bone that is located between the hips. It causes pain and swelling in the tip of the tail bone and this pain is aggravated by sitting. The most common cause for this problem is an injury but many a times no concrete cause can be determined.It is advisable to visit an expert orthopedic doctor and get the requisite treatment for Coccydynia. Read on to more about the causes, symptoms and treatment for the same.


As mentioned above, Coccydynia generally arises from an injury and causes trouble in the tail bone. However, it is important to diagnose this condition properly because some other problems in the tail bone can show the same symptoms as Coccydynia. These include sciatica, pilonidal cysts or a fractured bone. Coccydynia also affects many women after childbirth. In other instances, continuous activity such as cycling can also lead to this problem. An improper sitting posture can be a contributing factor in causing the onset of Coccydynia. In case you too suffer from discomfort in the tail bone, you must get a thorough check-up done by a back doctor. He will be able to do a correct diagnosis and devise an effective treatment plan.


Following is a list of symptoms associated with coccydynia: Pain and discomfort at the lower end of the spine where the coccyx is located. The pain can worsen with the passage of time. The affected person might feel difficulty in performing daily activities such as sitting, driving or bending down. The sitting position can aggravate the pain of coccydynia. It becomes very prominent if you lean backward. Apart from the above-mentioned symptoms, a patient of coccydynia experiences a lot of discomfort while sitting on a soft surface.


The condition of coccydynia is generally diagnosed by an orthopedic doctor after completely examining the symptoms being displayed by the patient. Your doctor can also conduct an X-Ray or MRI scan to rule out any other problem that causes pain in the coccyx. The treatment method basically involves advising the patient to use only a well-padded seat and also avoid prolonged periods of sitting. However, if this does not work and the pain gets worse, other treatment options need to be explored. It is important to take proper rest in case you suffer from coccydynia.

Careful measures must be taken so that the injury does not recur. Also, your doctor can give you anti-inflammatory medicines to relieve pain and discomfort. In rare cases, the orthopedic doctors can even resort to surgery in order to remove the prominent part of the tail bone that causes trouble.