An orthopedic injury can be quite distressful and obstruct the normal functioning of the affected joint. Patients who have suffered an injury to the shoulder, neck, spine, knee, ankle or any other part of the musculoskeletal system need to undergo a comprehensive rehabilitation program to restore the range of motion of the injured joint. It also ensures a healthy and speedier recovery from the injury. Here are some of the techniques that might be included in rehabilitation for an orthopedic injury:

Joint Mobilization: This procedure helps to reinstate the normal position of dislocated or misaligned bones. Joint mobilization also helps to correct spinal disc herniation, reduce pain and swelling.

Stretching: Performing stretching exercises is important to regain the lost functionality of the injured joint. Wearing braces or casts following a fracture, bone dislocation or other injuries may cause stiffness in the joint. The contraction of soft tissues and formation of scar tissues may further decrease the movement. Through proper stretching, joint flexibility can be restored.

Strengthening: It helps to improve the functioning of the muscles and ligaments in the injured joint. These exercises help to increase muscle endurance, develop better body mechanics and prevent future injuries.

Ice And Heat Pack Application: These procedures are often prescribed in cases of acute orthopedic injuries. If the condition has not caused swelling, applying heat pack may help to ease muscle stiffness and relieve pain. Ice pack may be recommended to compress swelling and eliminate other symptoms of the injury.

Soft Tissue Mobilization: In this, the rehabilitation specialist may apply deep pressure and use rhythmic stretching near the site of the injury. It helps to relax stiff muscles, compress swelling and reduce tissue adhesions.

Gait Training: This is recommended to improve the patient’s body balance as well as the ability to stand and walk following an injury to the lower extremity. Gait training helps to maintain proper posture, strengthen muscles and rehabilitate the joints for repetitive movements.

We, at OrthoTexas, provide comprehensive rehabilitation services for minor and serious orthopedic injuries.