Graston Technique is a manual soft-tissue technique invented by David Graston, an athlete. This technique is a soft tissue mobilization, instrument assisted, therapy, which is based on cross-friction massage. The technique helps in breaking up scar tissue adhesions, fascial restrictions, and detecting areas of fibrosis and chronic inflammation. Athletes often use massage style therapy when they fail to recover from an injury.

What instruments are used?

Physical therapists use stainless steel tools to diagnose and treat various conditions. They glide the instrument over the patient’s muscles, ligaments, and tendons to detect any restrictions or scar tissue. Once they find the knots or bands of scar tissue, they use the instrument to break up the restriction or adhesion. The treatment helps in re-aligning the fibers into a normal pattern and the tools are chosen on the basis of the body parts that have to be treated. Areas of the body often treated by the Graston technique include the shoulders, calves, and wrists.

The Graston process involves some warm-up exercises followed by the treatment, some stretching, strengthening and then icing of the affected area. It boosts the cellular activity and minimizes the inflammation in the site of injury or pain.

Benefits of the Graston Technique

The Graston technique is quite effective in resolving various chronic orthopedic conditions and decreasing the overall time in treatment. The technique allows for faster recovery and eliminates the need for anti-inflammatory medications. It treats the scar tissue, which limits the range of motion and causes pain. The therapy assists the patient in returning to normal life and reduces the level of discomfort. The therapist detects the scar tissue, adhesions in the affected area, and uses the tools to break this scar tissue. The patient may experience slight discomfort during the procedure along with some bruising; however, these subside after some time.

The biggest benefit of the Graston Technique is that people can continue training while receiving the treatment; depending upon the amount of pain they are suffering from. The technique has a high success rate and reduces healing time. This technique can eliminate the need to have surgeries, injections, and medication. The technique is widely in use because of its positive outcome and effectiveness.

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