Football is one of the most popular sports currently played in the world, and also the one that requires tremendous physical effort on a regular basis. Since football players need to use their legs heavily, knee injuries are a common occurrence which can occur due to a number of different causes while playing football. Consequently, football players are always vulnerable to a number of injuries and in fact, football tops the list of, injuries caused during the pursuit of sports.

Knee injuries can significantly shorten the playing career of football players in addition to causing pain and suffering. Here are some of the most common knee injuries that have been seen to affect people who play football:

Ligaments: Due to the high contact nature of the game of football and the intense physical action that takes place, there is always a risk of players experiencing trauma to legs and the knee. The knee joint is supported by four major ligaments, with other smaller ones providing extra support. The lateral and medial cruciate ligaments are less vulnerable to injury, and even when injured, rarely need surgical treatment. The anterior and posterior cruciate ligaments, on the other hand, can easily get injured. These injuries often require reconstructive or restorative surgery and can have a harmful impact on the career of a football player.

Tendons: Tendon injuries affecting the knee usually occur due to the wear and tear caused by their overuse. The main tendon which connects the quadriceps muscle to the knee bone is usually the one that is affected and in rare cases the tendon tears as well. Tendon injuries usually heal slowly with rest, pain relievers and targeted physical therapy.

Cartilage: Cartilage protects the ends of long bones during heavy activity and any cartilage damage can be a sure reason for athletes to announce the end of their careers. Wear and tear is a major cause for concern and for those badly affected an orthopedic surgeon can recommend surgical repair to bring relief and restore functionality to the knee.

Meniscus: The meniscus discs serve a number of different complex purposes and any damage to them can cause pain and discomfort. Mostly affected by impact damage and trauma, the meniscus promotes smooth operation of the tibia and the femur. An injured meniscus is considered a serious sports injury and affected athletes can get relief with the help of surgery, which usually enables them to get back to the game after a few weeks of rehabilitation.

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