Physical therapy is performed to treat a wide range of orthopedic conditions. It aims at helping patients relieve pain and regain muscle strength so that they can resume their lifestyle. People of all age groups, whether physically active or not, can gain numerous benefits from regular physical therapy sessions. Apart from assisting in recovery from injuries and illnesses, it can also help to enhance overall well-being.

Here are some of the health benefits that you can expect from physical therapy:

Reduce or eliminate pain: Physical therapy uses various techniques, such as electrical stimulation, cold laser and ultrasound, which help in eliminating acute or chronic pain. It can be beneficial for all types of musculoskeletal as well as neuropathic pain caused due to various reasons.

Improve mobility: Physical therapists work in close association with their clients to help them restore, expand as well as maintain joint mobility. If you are facing trouble walking, standing or moving a joint, physical therapy can help regain movement within the limitations of your particular health condition.

Improve balance: There are several factors such as muscle weakness and aging, which may lower body balance and make you susceptible to falls. The strengthening exercises involved in physical therapy can help to brace your knee and calf muscles to maintain proper posture. It also includes balance training that can help to improve gait and prevent falls.

Prevent sports injuries: Being involved in sports or athletic activities increases your risk of sustaining various injuries. Physical therapists formulate specialized exercise programs to help clients meet their fitness goals, recover from or prevent a sports-related injury.

Shorten recovery period: An injury to a bone, ligament or muscle can cause the affected area to get stiff and lose mobility even after it has healed. Without proper exercise it might take much long to regain full mobility and strength. Physical therapy can lessen the time you would otherwise take to recover from an injury or surgery.

Manage age-related issues: With increasing age, your joints may tend to undergo wear and tear and lose strength. This may lead to the development of various orthopedic conditions such as Arthritis or Osteoporosis. Attending regular physical therapy sessions can efficiently keep the elderly more mobile and active to reduce the possibility of such problems.

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