Kinesiotaping is a rehabilitative technique designed to boost the body’s natural healing process. It helps to provide support to the injured muscles and tissues, without affecting blood circulation and the joint’s range of motion. The technique uses a specialized elastic tape that can be worn be people of all age groups. It is beneficial for people who are recovering from an orthopedic condition or injury such as Carpal Tunnel Syndrome, ligament tears, Herniated Discs, strains, sprains, Rotator Cuff Tear etc.

How Kinesiotaping Works?

In contrast to the traditional taping techniques that involved firmly holding the injured muscles and restricting their movement, Kinesiotaping works the other way round. It moves along with the muscles, thereby allowing them to expand and retain complete range of motion. The kinesio tape should be applied in a clinical setting, under the supervision of an experienced physical therapist. It is usually put on or around the site of strain or injury in a way that does not restrain movement. The tape helps to keep the skin and connective tissue away from the affected muscles. This allows bodily fluids to flow freely and promote healing of the injured tissues.

Benefits Of Kinesiotaping

Relieves Pain: Due to its elastic properties, the kinesio tape uses a slight lifting action on the skin. This helps to relieve stress from the body’s pain receptors caused due to the flow of blood and other lymphatic fluids.

Reduces Swelling: By ensuring a proper flow of blood, kinesiotaping boosts the removal of lymphatic fluids from the tissues in and near the site of injury which helps to compress swelling.

Provides Support: Being highly elastic, the kinesiotaping provides proper support to the injured muscles and joints. This helps in loosening the muscles, move the joint and prevent it from any jerky movements that may cause further damage.

Prevents Muscle Spasms: By promoting the blood flow, it facilitates the proper supply of oxygen and required nutrients to the damaged tissues. This helps to increase the laxity of muscles and prevent spasms or cramps.

Promotes Muscle Strengthening: Kinesotaping works towards retaining safe and normal range of motion of the affected joint. Thus, the individual can carry out muscle strengthening and stretching exercises without any pain, which further accelerates the healing process. The physical therapists at OrthoTexas specialize in using Kinesiotaping techniques to help patients find relief from joint pain and recover from sports injuries.