Forearm fractures can be crippling for an adult, since most of the everyday activities, right from getting dressed up to picking grocery bags, involve forearm activity. Forearm fractures occur when either or both bones in the forearm, i.e. “radius” and “ulna”, get damaged. The damage can range from a slight crack to a complete shatter or a fracture which involves bone displacement.

In severe cases, the fractured bone fragments can lead to infection when projected outward from the skin. In these cases, it is important to immediately consult an Orthopedic.

Causes Of Forearm Fracture:

Direct blow or impact to the arm – This could be caused by a fall, automobile accident, sports accident, etc. Forearm fractures are usually caused by impact on an outstretched arm. The fracture results when the arm is stretched or twisted beyond its normal range of motion.

Symptoms Of Forearm Fracture in Adults:

  • Swelling
  • Localized bruising around the site of injury
  • Tenderness
  • Immediate pain upon injury/ impact
  • Obvious deformity – The affected arm is visibly bent or distorted
  • In rare cases, the fracture can be accompanied with numbness in the fingers or weakness in the wrist.
  • Difficulty in performing normal activities involving the forearm.

Treatment: The treatment for sports-related adult forearm fractures starts with a detailed analysis of the extent of damage, by an orthopedic doctor.

  • Restricting movement of the affected bone is critical to the treatment of forearm fractures since moving the broken bone can cause injury to the surrounding tissues and blood vessels.
  • Anti-inflammatory drugs and pain-killers can be administered to get rid of pain and swelling.
  • For certain severe cases of forearm fractures, surgical treatment could be required. One of the most common surgical procedures adopted for adult forearm fractures is open reduction using screws and plates, in which the bone fragments are realigned into their original position and secured with screws. It is important for the realignment of the bones to be accurate during surgery for the injury to heal correctly.

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