Orthopedic Treatment For Hand Arthritis

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Hand Arthritis is a degenerative orthopedic condition characterized by a gradual wear and tear of the fingers and thumb. Progressively, it can lead to joint deformity, decreased functionality and weakness of the hand. The condition is commonly seen in older people and can be caused due to many reasons.

Typically, there are four main regions in the hand that can develop Arthritis:

  • Distal Interphalangeal (DIP), joints in the fingers
  • Proximal Interphalangeal (PIP), joint in the fingers
  • Wrist joint
  • Basilar joint, between the thumb and wrist


  • Genetic Predisposition
  • Old age
  • Damaged or worn out cartilage in the hand
  • Unhealthy lifestyle
  • Injury
  • Repetitive stress on the joint


  • Severe pain that increases after activity
  • Loss or limited range of motion of the hand and wrist
  • Weakness
  • Visible deformity
  • Swelling and inflammation
  • Feeling of grinding in the joint
  • Stiffness in the knuckles
  • Warmth and tenderness around the affected joint
  • Decreased strength and flexibility
  • Reduced gripping or grasping ability


In order to diagnose Hand Arthritis, the hand surgeon may physically examine the hand and wrist to evaluate symptoms like tenderness, decreased mobility, deformity etc. He may also conduct certain imaging tests to assess the severity and cause of the condition. In some cases a bone scan may also help to diagnose Arthritis in its early stage.


  • Medications: The orthopedic doctor may prescribe anti-inflammatory medications to provide relief from the symptoms associated with Hand Arthritis.
  • Heat Or Ice Packs: Applying heat packs, ice pads or using both alternately can help to reduce pain and swelling. The doctor, depending on the symptoms and severity of condition, devises the method.
  • Wearing Splints: The patient may also be advised to wear a splint or cast to provide stability and support to the affected joint.
  • Exercise: Performing stretching and strengthening exercises, as recommended by the physical therapist, may help to ease the discomfort associated with Arthritis.
  • Joint Fusion: In this, the orthopedic surgeon may remove the affected joints and link the finger bones directly.
  • Joint Reconstruction: This is an ideal treatment option for people with mild Arthritis of the hand.
  • Joint Replacement: In this, the Arthritic joint is replaced with a prosthetic to eliminate pain and restore the hand’s normal range of motion.

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