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Back pain can be caused a result of an injury, trauma or a degenerative orthopedic condition. However, in most cases, it is caused due to improper posture during activities such as walking, sitting, twisting, bending, working or lifting weights. However adopting a few lifestyle changes and practicing appropriate body mechanics can improve back pain.

Here are some important tips that can help to prevent back pain and keep your spine healthy as well as strong:

  • Exercise: Performing low impact aerobic exercises on a regular basis can strengthen the muscles and tissues in the back. It helps to keep your body in proper shape. If your daily life does not include sufficient physical activity, your muscles and joints will lose mobility and make you susceptible to back pain even while doing simple tasks. Try to include brisk walking, running or swimming in your routine.
  • Maintain Healthy Weight: The lower back bears a large part of your body weight. If you are overweight, you ae quite likely to experience pain in your back. Try to cut down on your body fat in order to avoid it.
  • Sleep Sideways: Sleeping on the back is one of common causes of back pain for most people. It is advisable that you sleep on your side to avoid the condition. While sleeping with the stomach down, always put a pillow under your abdomen to avoid putting pressure on your spine. Having a supportive mattress is also crucial to keep your back healthy.
  • Maintain Proper Posture: People with desk jobs sitting in front of computer screens for long hours are most likely to get back pain. Slouching in the chairs or shoulders hunched forwards causes damage to the normal curve of the spine. To avoid this, make sure you have an ergonomic workstation at the office. Take short breaks after every hour or practice mild stretching exercises while sitting
  • Quit Smoking: People often do not realize that smoking could also be a cause of back pain. Smoking constricts the blood vessels, thus, restricting the normal flow of blood and oxygen to the spine. This causes the back muscles to easily get injured and take more time to heal completely.

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