Ask the Expert: Alexander Glogau, MD Comments on Louisville's Kevin Ware Recent Injury

It's difficult to call Kevin Ware's recent compound fracture a simple 'injury'; yet his landing after contesting a shot Ware suffered what's known as a compound fracture, a type of "open" fracture in which the broken bone is exposed to air. In Ware's case, the bone apparently broke in two places. Alexander Glogau, MD comments this type of open fracture requires emergent surgery to clean wound, reduce bone, and provide initial fixation. Reports indicate Ware will be out for a year. Why or how it happened may never be known. One cause could have been the "direct impact to the floor with a locked ankle position and the right amount of torque can cause a fracture of both the tibia and fibula in normal bone. The impact may stress the leg with up to 5 times body weight", Dr. Glogau. This is what we do know: Louisville plays Michigan tonight in the NCAA 2013 Basketball Championship and Kevin Ware is on his way back to the court as each day passes.

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