Community Service: Give to Those in Need

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“There is no exercise better for the heart than reaching down and lifting people up.” -- John Holmes

Given the events this week in West, Texas, and Watertown, Massachusetts, we at OrthoTexas encourage you to donate what you can to those in need. Below is a link where you can search blood donation centers by zip code as well information about the Red Cross activities.

Carter Blood Centers

American Red Cross


Ask the Expert: Michael D. Adams, MD Comments on Mavericks's Elton Brand's Most Recent Injury

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 Newly signed Dallas Maverick's power forward, Elton Brand, is out of commission due to 'sore calf'.  Brand's injury history isn't the  shortest read on record.  Our Michael D. Adams, MD, explains Brand's latest injury, "Calf injuries in athletes usually involve partial or  complete disruption of the muscle-tendon unit of the gastroachilles, the motor which plantar flexes the ankle. The athlete will typically  experience acute pain in the mid or distal calf during running or jumping, particularly in cooler weather or after inadequate stretching.  Mid-calf injuries involve a strain, or partial tearing, of the gastrocnemius or soleus muscles. These injuries will almost always heal  without surgery, often requiring initial immobilization in a splint or boot, with later physical therapy for gradual strengthening and  stretching, with return to sport in 3-6 weeks, depending on severity of the strain. Distal injuries involve partial or complete disruption of  the Achilles' tendon. These injuries frequently require surgical repair in the athletic patient, followed by a more lengthy period of  immobilization and therapy, with return to sport in 3-6 months, but some weakness, swelling, and stiffness may persist for up to one  year. These injuries may be prevented with ad equate pre-participation stretching and perhaps core/balance training."


Michael D. Adams, MD

OrthoTexas - Allen and McKinney




Event: 2nd Annual Frisco strEATS

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We are proud to sponsor the Pedi-Cabs at the upcoming Frisco Main Street Merchants Association and the Frisco Downtown Advisory Board Second Annual FRISCO strEATS Gourmet Food Truck and Music Festival


Saturday, April 20, 2013 ** 2 PM - 7 PM (located in historic downtown on the south side of Main Street and Fourth Street)

Click on image below for direct link:


Ask the Expert: Alexander Glogau, MD Comments on Louisville's Kevin Ware Recent Injury

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It's difficult to call Kevin Ware's recent compound fracture a simple 'injury'; yet his landing after contesting a shot Ware suffered what's known as a compound fracture, a type of "open" fracture in which the broken bone is exposed to air. In Ware's case, the bone apparently broke in two places.  Alexander Glogau, MD comments  this type of open fracture requires emergent surgery to clean wound, reduce bone, and provide initial fixation.  Reports indicate Ware will be out for a year.  Why or how it happened may never be known.  One cause could have been the "direct impact to the floor with a locked ankle position and the right amount of torque can cause a fracture of both the tibia and fibula in normal bone. The impact may stress the leg with up to 5 times body weight", Dr. Glogau.    This is what we do know: Louisville plays Michigan tonight in the NCAA 2013 Basketball Championship and Kevin Ware is on his way back to the court as each day passes.

For more more information on the topics in this blog, check out the following on Twitter: Kevin Ware @K_ware32 and the The American Academy of Orthopaedic Surgeons @AAOS1

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Student Athletes Recognized by National Football Foundation 2013

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We are fortunate to be partners with the National Football Foundation Gridiron Club of Dallas. On Thursday, March 21, 2013, the NFF recognized Student Athlete Scholars for 2013.  Congratulations to all the outstanding young men in college and high school representing their sport, school, family and community at the annual banquet, especially:

Nicholas Summerfield (University of North Texas) - Michael House, MD, Team Physician

Bryan Driskell (McKinney Boyd) - H. Lynn Rodgers, MD, Team Physician

Matt Hintz (Plano Senior) - Alexander Glogau, MD, Team Physician

Torii Hunter, Jr. (Prosper) - Adam Kouyoumjian, DO, Team Physician

Kevin Miller (Carrollton Newman Smith) - Mitchell Fagelman, MD, Team Physician

Robert Somborn (McKinney High) - Michael Adams, MD, Team Physician


Congratulations to the Coaching Staff Recognized

Coach of the Year (3A - Private) Todd Rodgers, Argyle High - Eric Eifler, MD, Team Physician

Coach of the Year (5A and 4A) John Walsh, Denton Guyer - Eric Eifler, MD, Team Physician


Our Long Time Partners Recognized as Legends Award Honorees

2013 Coach Tom Kimbrough (Plano) - Alexander Glogau, MD, Team Physician

2011 Coach Tommy Hudspeth (McKinney) - H. Lynn Rodgers, MD and Michael Adams, MD, Team Physicians

2010 Coach John Clark (Plano) - Alexander Glogau, MD, Team Physician


OrthoTexas Physicians and Surgeons PLLC

Orthopedic and Sports Medicine



Event: Allen Americans Discount Play Off Tickets

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As the Official Team Physicians for the Allen Americans Professional Hockey Club, we are pleased to be able to provide you access to discounted tickets for their first round of playoff games!
Denver Cutthroats vs. Allen Americans (Best of 7 series)
Game 1 – Thu., Mar. 28 – Denver at Allen, 7:05 – Round 1, Game 1
Game 2 – Fri., Mar. 29 – Denver at Allen, 7:05 – Round 1, Game 2
*Game 5 – Sat., Apr. 6 – Denver at Allen, 7:05 – Round 1, Game 3
*Game 7 – Thu., Apr. 11 – Denver at Allen, 7:05 – Round 1, Game 4
*if necessary
Promo code: BEARD for $10 tickets for Games 1 and 2 this Thursday and Friday


Alexander Glogau, M.D.: Presenting at Baylor Medical Center of Frisco

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Award: Michael Adams, MD, Alexander Glogau, MD, Victoria Knoll, MD Recognized as the Best in Collin County by D Magazine

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Award: Shikha Sethi, MD

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Dear Dr. Sethi:

Congratulations! You have been recognized as one of America's Most Compassionate Doctors

Treating patients - not just the disease - is what you excel at, and your patients appreciate the kindness you have dispensed along with your medical care. 

Every month, more than 200,000 patients across the U.S. provide online feedback about their doctor experiences. They rate various components of the care they receive, such as bedside manner, doctor-patient face time, follow-up care, ease of appointment setting and courtesy of office staff. They also share their overall opinions.

While physicians generally receive positive feedback from their patients, only a select few receive praise about the compassion that accompanied their care. 

In fact, of the nation's 870,000 active doctors, only 3 percent were accorded this honor by their patients in 2012.

The Compassionate Doctor certification is part of the Patients' Choice recognition program, wherepatients rate and vote for for their favorite doctors. You are now among those physicians so highly regarded that your patients feel the need to talk to others about the positive influence of your work. 

An icon denoting your distinction as a 2012 Compassionate Doctor will be prominently displayed in your profile on a broad collection of websites, including Patients' Choice, Vitals, Google, a variety of managed care sites and top health insurance sites. More than 500,000 people view these websites on a daily basis. 

Congratulations on this outstanding distinction.
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Erika Boyer
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