At OrthoTexas, we place an emphasis on taking care of your orthopedic needs from start to finish. Whether you need an X-ray or MRI, we are with you every step of the way offering the latest in technology and treatment options.

  • Radiology - OrthoTexas uses digital radiography, which uses X-ray sensors instead of traditional film. Digital radiography is more time efficient, provides better image quality and produces less radiation than conventional radiography. When coming for an evaluation, we ask patients to dress comfortably but to avoid denim clothes and wear as little metal and buttons as possible (particularly near the area being X-rayed). Please remove all jewelry before your visit.
  • MRI - Our state-of-the-art, full body MRI offers patients a convenient and quick imaging experience, but also provides physicians quality images almost immediately. Patients can bring their own music and wear comfortable clothing.
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