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DR. WHEELESS is currently not accepting new patients. Please contact our Carrollton office at 972-492-1334 so we may assist you with scheduling an appointment with one of our other physicians. 


Construction on Parker/544 by the Carrolton office has begun. Please allow extra travel time to your appointments.


The U.S. Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) has announced that hydrocodone and hydrocodone combination products will be reclassified from Schedule III to Schedule II effective October 6, 2014. 
As of October 6, 2014, hydrocodone and hydrocodone combination prescriptions and refills will no longer be able to be processed electronically or via telephone.  Prescriptions will require a physician signature and will be required to be written on a prescription pad.
·         These prescriptions will not have pre-authorized refills.
·         You will need to obtain all prescriptions for these medications in person from your Physician.
·         Prescriptions will only be written during normal business hours, Monday through Friday.
·         Prescriptions will not be written on weekends or holidays when the clinic is closed.
·         Plan ahead.
·         Don’t wait until you are out of medication to call your Physician.
·         We encourage you to discuss this change with your Physician and discuss alternative pain medication options that may be authorized electronically or by telephone.
Refills for prescriptions for hydrocodone and combination hydrocodone products written and approved prior to October 6, 2014 may be dispensed by your Pharmacist from that prescription until April 8, 2015.
We understand the difficulty this will cause our patients in obtaining these types of prescriptions; however, we are mandated to comply with the new DEA regulations.

It is our #1 goal that you have a positive experience when you visit an OrthoTexas practice so we have compiled some useful information and tips that can make your appointment run smoothly and more productive.  If you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact our office before or after your visit.  
1) Show up on time or a few minutes early to allow time to fill out any
necessary paperwork.  Many of these documents are available online to save time and fill out before your appointment.
2) Please bring the following items to your first OrthoTexas appointment. It will help ensure your visit runs smoothly.
1)      New patient paperwork
2)      Photo ID
3)      A list of previous treatments and/or medications for your current condition
4)      Previous medical records (most doctor’s offices can fax these to our office)
5)      Any X-rays, MRIs and CT scans (images and reports)
6)      Insurance card(s)
7)      Referral letter (not required in most cases)

Understanding wait times: 
We all know the frustration caused by the wait times we’ve experienced while waiting for a doctor appointment. We lose our patience because we believe the time just has not been scheduled well. But that is not normally the case. Schedules get thrown off by a variety of things out of the doctor's control which causes the entire day of appointments to run late. Medicine is a field full of uncertainty and although we hope for every surgery, procedure or appointment to go smoothly as planned, sometimes this just isn't the case and issues arise that must be dealt with. Equipment could malfunction, an emergency surgery could arise or a procedure could have unforeseen complications and last longer than expected. 
Some patients require more time for their services than others. Our physicians want to give each and every patient the highest level of care possible and sometimes that requires
them to spend a little more time than expected with certain patients.

Many times, patients try to compensate for the wait they are sure to
have that day by showing up for their appointment 15 or 30 minutes late.
While this may seem like it is making good use of their time, it is
actually only making the problem worse for them and those with
appointments following theirs.

Here is some basic math that shows how one or two unforeseen issues can
throw off a doctor's entire schedule: If three morning patients show up 15 minutes late each and one surgery runs over by half an hour, it can easily set the doctor's
entire day back an hour or more.  It's easy to see how one or two small hiccups
can cause a schedule to be off for the entire remainder of the day.  

Please understand that physicians are equally frustrated by this.  We know your time is valuable and we promise to do everything in our power to ensure appointments run on time. If you do have a slight wait time, we greatly appreciate your patience and will do everything we can to get you in as soon as possible. back to top of page

How to make the best use of your time while in your actual

1) Tell your doctor your top three complaints.  To figure
out which issues you should bring up, decide which are causing you the
most pain, which issues have been ongoing and which are inhibiting
your daily functions.  Bombarding your physician with too many issues
can be counterproductive and can actually lead to things being missed
or overlooked so try to stay on target with the main reason you made the
appointment in the first place.
2) Try to convey your medical history in the most efficient way possible.  Telling to your orthopedic surgeon about unrelated tooth pain you experienced ten years ago may not be
the best use of your appointment time.
3) Have a list of questions and goals for the appointment ready so you don't forget anything and your physician can thoroughly address each issue in detail. back to top of page

Reaching someone after hours:
You can call any of our offices to leave a message after hours, which will be returned the following business day. For immediate assistance, the answering service will take your information and page the physician on call. We respectfully request that after-hour physician calls be limited to true medical emergencies only. back to top of page

Prescription refills:
To expedite this process, please contact your pharmacy and they will send us an authorization to be completed.

Insurance claims:
We will file your insurance claim as a courtesy service, and we accept most insurance plans. A list of accepted insurance can be found here.  Dealing with insurance companies is often a tricky business and can be very frustrating for patients as it may seem that there is endless waiting and hoops to jump through. Please understand that because insurance companies are not under our jurisdiction, there are certain things that are out of our control.  We want your insurance claim to be approved just as much as you and we promise to try our best to ensure this happens as fast as possible. back to top of page

Office Policies:
You may review and print out our office policies here

Understanding online reviews:
In the digital age we live in, online reviews are becoming more and more common. It is important to understand that there are online reviews that are useful and those that are not.  If you can decipher the reasons people say the things they do in their reviews you can better decide if the review will be helpful to you.  
Many times, patients write a review out of haste, frustration or anger which is
understandable.  However, these types of reviews won't be helpful to
other patients because they are written from emotion and not objective
facts. If the review is not descriptive or too general, beware as it
might have been written out of temporary frustration.  
You know the old adage "if it sounds too good to be true it probably is”?  If a
company or product has nothing but glowing reviews, that might be a
red flag that the reviews are not legitimate and you should proceed
with caution because they may have been manipulated. 
Be sure what the reviewer is reviewing is relevant to your actual medical
care.  Are they critiquing the waiting room decor or are they discussing the doctor’s competency?  
Bottom line: look for reviews that are specific and objective to help you make the best decisions about your care. back to top of page

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